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It’s no secret that we love music, and it’s always a joy to review new records for the holy bible, Rolling Stone.

This month, Tea Or Copy’s Michael Wilton has reviewed the new Hurts album ‘Surrender’.

So, the big questions is: have these masters of melodrama made another great record?

Well, here’s a link to the review:


Alternatively, you can just read it here 🙂


Broody, angular and self-conscious, Hurts are truly committed to resurrecting the art of pompous pop. While their debut, 2010’s Happiness, was a stylish homage to new wave synth, its follow-up, Exile, ventured into darker territory.

Surrender veers from pop to rave to rock, and lacks the tight conceptual direction of their earlier records, but there’s a sense of theatricality that underpins the entire album. “Rolling Stone” ramps up the drama, replete with lyrics like “In Belarus she was a vespertine, she danced the go-go for the bourgeoisie”.

The title track features a flourish of female vocals, while the over-the-top arrangement of “Wish” is as equally ridiculous as it is brilliant.

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