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Sydney copywriter Michael Wilton from Tea Or Copy has been working with Identity PR to create a new Bio for Australia’s most controversial comic, Joel Creasey. 

Comic legend Joan Rivers once exclaimed of Joel: “He’s a f**king star! I love him!” 

Joel first attempted stand-up comedy at age 15 in his hometown of Perth, and now at the age of 25, his intelligent social and political observations, outrageous wit, pop-culture expertise and unrivalled story telling abilities have already won the “Acid Tongue Prince” a legion of fans around the globe.

The mischievous and motor-mouthed comedian has delivered each of his ruthlessly witty sold-out shows to audiences across Australia, winning multiple award nominations and 5 star reviews in every city, with the Sydney Morning Herald gushinghe’s a confident storyteller – energetic, concise, but conversational – with a ruthless wit and an infectious oh-my-god enthusiasm.”

Joel has also toured internationally with the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, and he’s toured throughout the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and Asia.

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Editors receive hundreds of Bios every week, so it’s critical that each one is unique, snappy and relevant.

Michael from Tea Or Copy has oodles of experience crafting copy for a variety of record companies, publicity departments and entertainment divisions, so if your artist Bio need a refresh, or if you require a brand new one – you know where to find us!

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