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Time flies. Five years ago this month, I released a book called Name That Song! 

As a friend so kindly pointed out at the time, “Michael, it’s just a picture book.” And he was right. But, still…

Back in 2012, I conceived an idea to create a book featuring 99 pictograms that represented a famous song. The aim of the book is to guess as many of the songs and artists as possible. It’s fun, playful and it combines my love of music and art.

I teamed up with Sydney-based artist Daniel Gray aka Little Gonzales, whose work I’d seen (and purchased) at a couple of exhibitions.

And so, the process began. I wanted to create the book myself, which meant learning the ropes of self-publishing in a pretty quick timeframe. I also had to finance it myself, so I featured it on a crowdfunding site.  To my surprise, I reached my goal.

I also created a book launch in MART Gallery in Surry Hills, where some of the artworks were featured. Several booksellers around Australia stocked the book, and it had a great response.

While the project was pretty stressful, it was also seriously rewarding. I love working on side projects and anything that involves one of my main passions – music – always ends up being super satisfactory.

Can you name the song on the cover?

Michael from Tea or Copy.


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