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Sydney producer, film director, creative artist and musician J Motor is making big waves not only locally, but also overseas.

His first single Jungle Daze was featured on MTV‘s reality show The Challenge earlier this year, and last week his new track Meet In The Sky was featured on the show’s finale.

Also, Jungle Daze is currently sitting at Number 14 on the Billboard Spotify Viral 50 chart.

I have written his new Bio and if you want to read more about this inspirational fella, head to:  www.facebook.com/jmotormusic

Michael from Tea or Copy

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Sydney copywriter Michael Wilton from Tea Or Copy has been working with Identity PR to create a new Bio for Australia’s most controversial comic, Joel Creasey. 

Comic legend Joan Rivers once exclaimed of Joel: “He’s a f**king star! I love him!” 

Joel first attempted stand-up comedy at age 15 in his hometown of Perth, and now at the age of 25, his intelligent social and political observations, outrageous wit, pop-culture expertise and unrivalled story telling abilities have already won the “Acid Tongue Prince” a legion of fans around the globe.

The mischievous and motor-mouthed comedian has delivered each of his ruthlessly witty sold-out shows to audiences across Australia, winning multiple award nominations and 5 star reviews in every city, with the Sydney Morning Herald gushinghe’s a confident storyteller – energetic, concise, but conversational – with a ruthless wit and an infectious oh-my-god enthusiasm.”

Joel has also toured internationally with the prestigious Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow, and he’s toured throughout the United Kingdom, The United States, Canada and Asia.

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Editors receive hundreds of Bios every week, so it’s critical that each one is unique, snappy and relevant.

Michael from Tea Or Copy has oodles of experience crafting copy for a variety of record companies, publicity departments and entertainment divisions, so if your artist Bio need a refresh, or if you require a brand new one – you know where to find us!

How’s this for a story?

Over the last 5 years, Dutch artist Mr. Probz has been shot, burgled, and had his apartment burn down in a fire. Oh, his song ‘Waves‘ also topped the charts in over 51 countries.

Michael has just written his bio for Australian media. Let’s just hope his run of personal bad luck ends very soon, and that the hits keep on coming!

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We be digging some hip hip, especially of the Australian kind.

Melbourne artist Ry is kicking goals with his original lyrical content, street-smart style and multi-media ambitions, and we’ve written his Bio, which you can read on his website www.itsthatkidry.com

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Based in New York City, Julio Himede is one of the most incredible production designers on the planet. He’s designed sets for every major company from  MTV to Nickelodeon to Logo to ABC, and Michael from Tea or Copy is thrilled to have written his Bio, which you can read on his website www.juliohimede.com Screen Shot 2015-09-20 at 7.22.58 PM


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