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For the last couple of months, I’ve been teaching the Written Communications unit as part of Macleay College‘s Bachelor of Digital Media course. 

It’s been an absolute pleasure teaching a group of young, dynamic and intelligent students who are all hungry to learn about the art of communication. I’m excited to see the projects they deliver over the coming weeks.

Macleay College has recently refreshed its website and branding, and you can check it out here!

Michael from Tea or Copy.

I have been working with a local digital agency to craft eDMs and social media posts to promote the new range of Predator gaming equipment, released through Acer.

The new movie Warcaft The Beginning is aligned with the promotion, so look out for the social posts throughout the next month. It’s going to be a killer competition!


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One day I’m crafting communications for major corporations; the next I’m writing Bios for Australian entertainers!

The latest Bio I’ve written is for Nathaniel Willemse, who first tasted success in Australia by sailing through to the Top 6 of The X Factor with his soulful, soaring vocals. He later achieved two Top 5 singles and a Top 5 debut album. 

After touring around the country, headlining the Soulfest festival alongside r’n’b superstars Maxwell, D’Angelo and Musiq Soulchild, and performing live with Mariah Carey, Nathaniel is embarking on the next stage of his career.

He’s now a global citizen with global aspirations, and we’ll be watching closely to see his career evolve!

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Apart from writing explainer videos, I also write case study video scripts.

Australia’s premier eLearning specialist Workstar has worked closely with McDonald’s to develop a range of training solutions that have enhanced the performance of its employees nation-wide.

Workstar has produced some powerful results for McDonald’s, affecting real behavioural change amongst Australian restaurant managers. In this video written by me, which was used at a global McDonald’s conference in the United States, you’ll be able to discover their award-winning approach.

Michael from Tea Or Copy


Blogs are an excellent way to educate your readers about what you do, to drive traffic to your website, boost your SEO, develop better customer relationships and position yourself as an industry leader.

As a leading Sydney copywriter, Michael Wilton from Tea Or Copy has been busy writing blogs for Australia’s award-winning eLearning provider Workstar. Check out their website www.workstar.com.au and there, you can also read some of the blogs we’ve been working on, including the latest on integrating gamification into the workplace.

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Real estate is hot news in Sydney, and if you’re in the business of property, it’s crucial to communicate your services crisply. As a leading Sydney copywriter, Michael Wilton from Tea or Copy recently crafted copy for NorthSide Realtors, who have re-designed their website. Check out some of our work below:

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Michael from Tea Or Copy has been keeping himself out of trouble writing web copy, blogs, white papers and video scripts for Workstar, Australia’s premier and award-winning eLearning provider.

Workstar is an innovative company that delivers superior strategies and learning tools for businesses where sales, customer service and culture are a priority.

Take a peek at their website www.workstar.com.au 

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Michael from Tea Or Copy has worked with Sydney agency Co-Partnership to develop the brand story for the Australian wine company The Hidden Sea.

The company’s vineyard lies on the Limestone Coast of South Australia…and millions of years ago, the land was inhabited by a museum of marine life, including a whale, which now lies at the bottom of the vineyard.

Acclaimed New York artist Jon Contino has illustrated the incredible imagery to accompany this mysterious and compelling story.

Check out the narrative at www.thehiddensea.com.au


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Michael from Tea Or Copy recently crafted all communications for NBN‘s handy business portal. It includes a step-by-step guide to connecting to the NBN as well as lots of handy tips for maximising the potential of small to medium businesses.

Check it out here:  http://www.nbnco.com.au/connect-home-or-business/information-for-business.htmlNBN


90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, half the brain is dedicated to visual function and, importantly, the eyes are a physical extension of the brain.

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that infographics have more than doubled their presence online over the last few years

Infographics are a visually compelling communication medium that contain a mix of design, writing and analysis. When done well, they can can communicate complex data in a visual format that is potentially viral.

They take deep data and present it in a visual shorthand.

Using an infographic in your marketing or communication strategy is one efficient way of combining the best of text, images and design to represent complex data that tells a story that begs to be shared.

Infographics are attractive, easily viewed, create brand awareness, increase traffic, benefits Search Engine Optimisation, and display your knowledge and position you as an expert on your specialty field or business. 

Tea Or Copy specialises in researching, writing and assisting in the creative conception of infographics.

Here is an infographic we’ve researched and structured for Australian e-learning leader Workstar on the cost of poor customer service:


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