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Sultry and smart, Sydney-based electro-soul artist SAYAH says, “If someone tells me I have to do something, I’ll do the complete opposite!” Possessing an exciting streak of rebellion, SAYAH also exhibits warmth and fragility, and this complex contradiction makes her debut EP Chemically Balanced so arresting and hypnotic.

I’ve recently written SAYAH’s Bio for her management company Volkanik.  She releases her EP early in 2018, which showcases not only her caramel-flavoured vocals, but importantly, both her strength and vulnerability.

Written and produced in collaboration with local luminaries Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac) and David Andrew (Gang of Youths), Chemically Balanced features the intoxicating singles “Bad Drugs” and “Addicts” (which climbed to Number 1 on Triple J’s Unearthed chart and drew immediate comparisons to Ngairre and Amy Winehouse). Inspired by a toxic relationship, SAYAH’s EP is underpinned by a common motif, and she admits, “It was so unhealthy, yet it had this addictive power over me, which is why the theme of addiction features so strongly. At least I was able to channel that experience into this record, and that was vital to my growth.”

Featuring SAYAH’s simmering vocals, disarmingly honest lyrics and intelligent, unnerving production (especially on the powerful “He’s Not Over Me” and “Take A Second”), Chemically Balanced is a soul-baring, confessional EP designed to make every listener feel like a personal confidante. SAYAH says, “If I can get one person that says to me, ‘I know exactly how it feels’, my work is done.”

Check out her new video Bad Drug here.

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I recently collaborated with Universal Music Australia to write the artist bio for Sydney-based singer-songwriter Alfie Arcuri.

Although he previously spent a decade immersed in the world of architecture, Arcuri is finally where he wants to be, especially after winning last year’s season of The Voice.  He declares, “Being an architect allowed me to be creative, but ultimately, it was a job. Music is my absolute passion, it’s in my blood, and nothing has ever made me feel the way that making music does. This is 100% me.”

Arcuri’s first original single If They Only Knew was a success, exceeding one million video views across Vevo and Facebook. Arcuri has just released a powerful marriage equality single Love is Love, and he says, “The time has come for our voices to be heard. This is much greater than just marriage, this is about acceptance and human rights.”

Check out the music video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tqg–BEVcVE

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Time flies. Five years ago this month, I released a book called Name That Song! 

As a friend so kindly pointed out at the time, “Michael, it’s just a picture book.” And he was right. But, still…

Back in 2012, I conceived an idea to create a book featuring 99 pictograms that represented a famous song. The aim of the book is to guess as many of the songs and artists as possible. It’s fun, playful and it combines my love of music and art.

I teamed up with Sydney-based artist Daniel Gray aka Little Gonzales, whose work I’d seen (and purchased) at a couple of exhibitions.

And so, the process began. I wanted to create the book myself, which meant learning the ropes of self-publishing in a pretty quick timeframe. I also had to finance it myself, so I featured it on a crowdfunding site.  To my surprise, I reached my goal.

I also created a book launch in MART Gallery in Surry Hills, where some of the artworks were featured. Several booksellers around Australia stocked the book, and it had a great response.

While the project was pretty stressful, it was also seriously rewarding. I love working on side projects and anything that involves one of my main passions – music – always ends up being super satisfactory.

Can you name the song on the cover?

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Van Halen is one of the loudest, most epic bands on the planet. And, yes, the boys had a reputation for being the most badly behaved! That legendary reputation was confirmed for me five years ago by Ted Cohen, the man responsible for making sure no one died keeping them in check on tour in the 70s and 80s.

If you want to read more about their wild antics, check this article I wrote for LA Weekly back in 2012 just as the band were in the midst of a mammoth comeback tour:  http://www.laweekly.com/content/printView/2175110

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Sydney producer, film director, creative artist and musician J Motor is making big waves not only locally, but also overseas.

His first single Jungle Daze was featured on MTV‘s reality show The Challenge earlier this year, and last week his new track Meet In The Sky was featured on the show’s finale.

Also, Jungle Daze is currently sitting at Number 14 on the Billboard Spotify Viral 50 chart.

I have written his new Bio and if you want to read more about this inspirational fella, head to:  www.facebook.com/jmotormusic

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Irish singer Róisín Murphy, the former singer from Moloko, is probably best known for her global smash ‘Sing It Back’. 

However, Róisín has been making quirky pop for the last decade as a solo artist. She’s been highly prolific over the last 3 years, cuminating in the release of her latest LP Take Her Up To Monto.

I regularly write music reviews for Rolling Stone magazine, and here’s my take on Róisín’s record.


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One day I’m crafting communications for major corporations; the next I’m writing Bios for Australian entertainers!

The latest Bio I’ve written is for Nathaniel Willemse, who first tasted success in Australia by sailing through to the Top 6 of The X Factor with his soulful, soaring vocals. He later achieved two Top 5 singles and a Top 5 debut album. 

After touring around the country, headlining the Soulfest festival alongside r’n’b superstars Maxwell, D’Angelo and Musiq Soulchild, and performing live with Mariah Carey, Nathaniel is embarking on the next stage of his career.

He’s now a global citizen with global aspirations, and we’ll be watching closely to see his career evolve!

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Apart from writing web copy, blogs, brand stories, explainer videos and infographics, Michael from Tea Or Copy also writes reviews regularly for Rolling Stone magazine.

Pet Shop Boys have just released a new record album called SUPER, and apart from featuring some beautifully designed artwork by Farrow in London, the music is pretty banging!  Before you listen, read the review here:



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How’s this for a story?

Over the last 5 years, Dutch artist Mr. Probz has been shot, burgled, and had his apartment burn down in a fire. Oh, his song ‘Waves‘ also topped the charts in over 51 countries.

Michael has just written his bio for Australian media. Let’s just hope his run of personal bad luck ends very soon, and that the hits keep on coming!

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Tea Or Copy has been writing a lot of press releases lately, including one for Jason Derulo‘s upcoming Australian tour. The release has been appearing on various websites, including Ticketek‘s.


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