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Crowded House is truly one of the most revered acts in Australian music history.

To celebrate their iconic performance at the Sydney Opera House twenty years ago, the group performed 4 sold-out gigs at the same venue this week.

The band was also finally inducted into the ARIA Hall of Fame on November 23rd, and I wrote and produced the package that accompanied their induction.

Take a look!

Michael from Tea or Copy. 


The Explorer Of The Seas is the largest megaliner to be based on Australian shores, and Sydney copywriter Michael Wilton Tea Or Copy has been busy writing the script for Channel 9‘s upcoming 1 hour special on this big beauty, which features 17 pools, a surfing simulator, a rock climbing wall, a basketball court, an outdoor cinema and world class restaurants.

Look out for the Channel 9 special in January, but in the meantime, check out this stunning cruiseliner below. Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 9.58.17 PM

Tea Or Copy recently researched and wrote a series of instructional video scripts for iconic Aussie brand Selleys.

We’re not going to lie: we don’t know much about home repairs and we’re not a bunch of handymen, but what we can do is comprehensively research any topic and communicate it clearly, in any tone of voice. Tone of voice in copywriting and scriptwriting is crucial, and for this series, we made sure we adopted the laconic, laid back – but can-do-anything – Aussie male attitude.

For Selleys, we wrote scripts on how to fix a leaking shower screen, how to install a bathroom vanity, how to install skirting boards, how to fill a small hairline crack, how to fill gaps between skirting boards, how to repair a hole in a plaster wall, how to prepare your wall for painting, and how to build a deck.

If you’re feeling handy, and have a day or two to spare to build a summer deck, check out this video:


Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 12.20.42 PM


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