I write social media posts and strategise social campaigns for a range of companies around Australia.

I recently created social media messaging for a group of shopping centres in regional NSW, helping them engage with their customers and to build awareness of their retailers’ activities.  Here’s an example below for the Imperial Centre in Gosford NSW.

It doesn’t hurt to be social 🙂

Michael from Tea Or Copy

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I have been working with a local digital agency to craft eDMs and social media posts to promote the new range of Predator gaming equipment, released through Acer.

The new movie Warcaft The Beginning is aligned with the promotion, so look out for the social posts throughout the next month. It’s going to be a killer competition!


Michael from Tea Or Copy

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Tea Or Copy likes to get social!

Any successful social media strategy needs to employ the right tone of voice to stimulate engagement, and we’ve written Twitter and Instagram content for clients such as Guvera and PopTarts Australia.

Here’s one we prepared earlier.

Screen Shot 2015-09-30 at 9.52.59 PM



We’d love to talk you through the way we will deliver your message crisply and concisely. We’ll bring the tea. And, of course, the copy.

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