We’re hurtling faster towards 2018, and the final few months of the year have been pretty hectic. I’ve been doing lots of copywriting for some fantastic creative agencies, publications and digital learning providers.

You want some highlights? Sure thing.

I’ve written the “back of pack” copy in conjunction with Co-Partnership for A’tivo, a refreshing new Australian aperitif, which is now available in time for summer. If you want to know more about A’tivo, check out this article. 

I reviewed Kesha‘s cathartic record Rainbow for Women In Pop magazine, which is celebrating its 3rd issue. This excellent magazine is making big waves internationally, so make sure you pick up a copy. I’ve also written a 30 year retrospective review of Kylie Minogue‘s debut album….yikes, yes it’s been 30 years.  This record was pivotal in Kylie’s career, so how soes it stack up in 2017? Make sure you check out the magazine in your local newsagent or online for the answer to that, and check out the WIP website for all the latest in female-fronted muzak!

I’ve been writing loads of video scripts for Hustle in Sydney, and you’ll see some of those here in the next month or two.

I’ve continued copywriting for Workstar, the digital learning specialists. I’ve written the new eBook, which highlights the leearning trends for 2018? Ready to dive deep into microlearning, xAPI, gamification, AR & VR? Perhaps you need to check out the eBook, which you can download here. 

I’ve written a couple of new websites: one for Advantage, which is the world’s first bagless backpack vacuum cleaner, and one for EmmettGray, which is a mortgage broker and advisor based in Sydney. Again, I’ll be sharing these with you once they’re live, so stay tuned.

See, I told you it’s been a busy month in the world of Tea or Copy.

And remember, if you need any copywriting, copy editing, scriptwriting or even a sick note from your mum – get in touch!

Michael from Tea or Copy.

For the last few months, I’ve collaborated with the exceptional creative team at Hustle Video in Sydney.

We’ve been working on various digital videos for clients as varied as UNSW, Westpac, i-TOUCH and Kaplan.

You’ll see the results of our work soon…in the meantime, if you need a powerful video to tell your story, perhaps it’s time to hustle?

Check out the Hustle website here!

Michael from Tea or Copy.

Sultry and smart, Sydney-based electro-soul artist SAYAH says, “If someone tells me I have to do something, I’ll do the complete opposite!” Possessing an exciting streak of rebellion, SAYAH also exhibits warmth and fragility, and this complex contradiction makes her debut EP Chemically Balanced so arresting and hypnotic.

I’ve recently written SAYAH’s Bio for her management company Volkanik.  She releases her EP early in 2018, which showcases not only her caramel-flavoured vocals, but importantly, both her strength and vulnerability.

Written and produced in collaboration with local luminaries Joel Quartermain (Meg Mac) and David Andrew (Gang of Youths), Chemically Balanced features the intoxicating singles “Bad Drugs” and “Addicts” (which climbed to Number 1 on Triple J’s Unearthed chart and drew immediate comparisons to Ngairre and Amy Winehouse). Inspired by a toxic relationship, SAYAH’s EP is underpinned by a common motif, and she admits, “It was so unhealthy, yet it had this addictive power over me, which is why the theme of addiction features so strongly. At least I was able to channel that experience into this record, and that was vital to my growth.”

Featuring SAYAH’s simmering vocals, disarmingly honest lyrics and intelligent, unnerving production (especially on the powerful “He’s Not Over Me” and “Take A Second”), Chemically Balanced is a soul-baring, confessional EP designed to make every listener feel like a personal confidante. SAYAH says, “If I can get one person that says to me, ‘I know exactly how it feels’, my work is done.”

Check out her new video Bad Drug here.

Michael from Tea or Copy.

SAYAH Tea or Copy

As Brian Hughes says in his blog on infographics for Huffington Post “information overload is alive and well and isn’t going away anytime soon.”

With the increased use of emails, social media, and web browsing, we are bombarded with 5 times more information than we were just fifteen years ago. With data, images, and information flying at us from every direction, how do you get your products or services noticed by your target audience?

Well, one of the best tools is infographics, and that’s because they present information in an immediate, visual fashion.

Inforgaphics also include useful information, statistics and data, and they’re easy to share on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Infographics are great for content marketing because they are fun and easy to digest, which increases the likelihood they’ll be noticed, and they enable companies to present engaging content to their target audience that directs them to their site and products.

Here’s an infographic I recently created for Australia’s digital learning provider Workstar on the effects of good – and bad – customer service.

Michael from Tea or Copy.



Being charged with a traffic offence can be a very stressful experience. In NSW, traffic offences are treated very seriously, and the consequences can be very expensive, and sometimes even cost you your licence.

Hopefully, you’ll never find yourself on the wrong side of the law. However, if you do, here’s a blog I recently wrote for Sydney legal firm Osborn Howell. Get yo’self outta trouble!

Michael from Tea or Copy.

Around the world, more and more businesses are agile, which means business owners are now using virtual offices.

There are several shared or virtual offices in inner city locations in Australia’s capital cities, and I recently wrote a blog for Sydney’s Anytime Offices which outlines some legal requirements and answers some questions that many business owners have. Have a read here.

Michael from Tea or Copy.

An astonishing $US150 billion has been spent alone on employee learning in the United States in 2014, and that figure has increased every year since.

Globally, high-performing organisations understand that continuous learning and development is critical for their success.  ‘The Great Place To Work Guide to Greatness’, the annual report that analyses the FORTUNE 100 Best Companies to Work For, highlights the fact that the 100 best companies are committed to employee development as a strategic priority.

I’ve been continuing my work with Workstar, Australia’s most innovative learning consultancy, and if you’d like to discover more about L&D in the workplace and why it’s important to continue innovating, check out this blog I’ve written.

Michael from Tea or Copy.


Are you ‘working out loud’?

Now, before you question whether or not you should be upping the ante on your verbal communication skills during business hours, Working Out Loud is an exciting technique that makes people accountable in a supportive forum for any new challenges they want to master.

Working Out Loud is already being embraced in over 20 countries by large corporate firms, universities and humanitarian groups.

If you’d like to read more, read the blog which I recently wrote for Workstar.


Michael from Tea or Copy. 




I specialise in writing blogs for various companies, including Australia’s leading eLearning provider, Workstar.

Blogs help companies engage with their audiences, educate their readers and also increase their websites’ Search Engine Optimisation. If you’ve got something to say, say it!

Here’s the latest Workstar blog: http://www.workstar.com.au/blog/combatting-the-epidemic-of-disengagement-within-your-indirect-sales-force

Michael from Tea Or Copy


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 8.37.06 pm

Sydney producer, film director, creative artist and musician J Motor is making big waves not only locally, but also overseas.

His first single Jungle Daze was featured on MTV‘s reality show The Challenge earlier this year, and last week his new track Meet In The Sky was featured on the show’s finale.

Also, Jungle Daze is currently sitting at Number 14 on the Billboard Spotify Viral 50 chart.

I have written his new Bio and if you want to read more about this inspirational fella, head to:  www.facebook.com/jmotormusic

Michael from Tea or Copy

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