I recently wrote a video script produced for Australian online marketplace Gumtree, which aims to improve the user experience by encouraging trust and responsibility.

The campaign is called Keep Gumtree Real and features Jason Dundas, whose company Dundas Media helmed production.

The video was executed across social media and Gumtree-owned channels with the hope of recruiting new users and improving the behaviour of those who already engage with the site.


James Walmsley, senior marketing manager at Gumtree, said the campaign aims to bridge the gap between the on and offline worlds. He says, “As a result of being an online marketplace, on occasion people often think they can get away with behaving in a way that they normally wouldn’t in person.

“Keep Gumtree Real is about encouraging buyers and sellers to treat each other as they would in real life and to ensure their experience is as seamless as possible.”

Check out the video here.



I recently worked with Messy Design studio in Sydney to write a new explainer video for Fluent Retail’s Flex Commerce Cloud, which enables a retail world without boundaries, allowing businesses to confidently integrate a suite of cloud-based solutions that improve the customer journey and provide unrivalled  intelligence.

Take a look.

Michael from Tea or Copy.

With over 15 years’ experience writing scripts for live programming, documentaries and reality shows, Michael Wilton from Tea Or Copy also specialises in writing explainer videos for a variety of companies around Australia.

He recently wrote a series of scripts for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia,  one of which highlighted phishing. No, not fishing, but rather, the fishy behaviour used to wrangle money out of unsuspecting individuals….stay safe everyone!

Take a look : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujEQiku3Omo

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At Tea Or Copy,  we love to write ‘explainer videos’ for any topic, including the good ole game of golf!

Earlier this year, we wrote a series of instructional videos on Golf Science for  7TWO’s weekly program ‘The Bunker’. So, if you don’t want to be a serial slicer, check this out!



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