As a copywriter, I get to work on some fun, surprising  – and sometimes educational – projects, and here are recent some highlights.

Ready to ditch that itch? I’ve collaborated with MamaMia to write a video for their brand partner MOOV on the ins and outs of the dreaded head lice. It’s time to remove that stigma and deal with itchy bitsy teeny weeny problem, head on.

Did you know 50% of Australians will be affected by head lice?

This video explains where these tiny critters live, how long they live for (any guesses?) and how they can be swiftly treated. Check it out here.

Need an events specialist? Head to Rizer, the world’s biggest boutique events agency. Based in Australia, the team at Rizer produce highly prestigious, inventive and iconic experiences with a cutting-edge, conceptual approach.

I’ve worked with the ace team to write the invitations for John Symonds’ lavish birthday bash in Monaco late last year, and I’ve helped them refresh their web copy, which you can take a look at here.

This month, I’ve also collaborated with Dundas Media to write a new series of five irreverent, educational videos for Gumtree about the types of behaviour many Aussies exhibit online. These videos aim to give people some reminders about treating people we interact with online the way we’d like to be treated in the real world.

Jason has been directing – and starring in – the videos over the last week in Sydney, and I’ll be able to share them with you over the next month. In the meantime, here’s a shot of Jason literally in the deep end, as he fronts one particularly fun scene.

Credit: Jason Dundas, Instagram @jasondundas

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Until next month…

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