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Here’s hoping 2018 has kicked off to an epic start for you.

It’s been a great year so far, and here’s a little of what I’ve been up to.

For starters, I’ve written a video script for Property Connect, a new Aussie company that helps everyone in the rental process (from renters to landlords and real estate agents) manage the painful and often complex process of finding or renting out a property.

We all know renting a property can be a total pain in the butt, but this ace solution puts the power in your hands.

Check out the video here.

I wrote another video for Westpac, whose new Xplor for Schools solution enables schools across Australia enjoy simpler reconciliation, less financial admin to deal with and a paperless office. It also allows parents to pay for their kids’ school fees on the app, instead of having to contend with those pesky invoices that always seem to get lost – or eaten by the family dog!

Check out the video here.

And if that ain’t enough, I’ve also worked with ValleyArm Digital to rewrite and refresh their website. ValleyArm connects creators, content owners and music labels to the world’s digital platforms.

For Digital Rights Management, ValleyArm has the smarts, strategies and expertise to seamlessly manage your digital content in every major territory. For Content Creators, they have the expertise to help you develop content and enable you to connect with networks and brands. As a certified YouTube MCN partner, they lead the way in sharing your content across worldwide digital distribution platforms. No matter what type of content you create, the ValleyArm team is passionate about helping you cultivate a meaningful revenue stream.

Check out the new-look ValleyArm website here.

If you need a video script, website copy, a blog – or even a sick note from your mum –  get in touch with me today!

Michael from Tea or Copy.



I recently worked with Messy Design studio in Sydney to write a new explainer video for Fluent Retail’s Flex Commerce Cloud, which enables a retail world without boundaries, allowing businesses to confidently integrate a suite of cloud-based solutions that improve the customer journey and provide unrivalled  intelligence.

Take a look.

Michael from Tea or Copy.

“The best brands are built on great stories.”
Ian Rowden, Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin Group

If you don’t have a story you are just another commodity. And one of the best ways to tell your story is through video.

Video content is often more powerful than text communications, simply because about 90% of the information our brains pick up is visual, and human beings process visuals 60,000 times faster than they can process text.

I recently worked with Baxter Studios to write a script for the Australian mining and minerals company Imatech, which is delivering smarter solutions to end global financial waste caused by abrasion and corrosion.

If you want to know about Imatech’s history, culture and achievements, take a look!

Michael from Tea or Copy.



At Tea Or Copy,  we love to write ‘explainer videos’ for any topic, including the good ole game of golf!

Earlier this year, we wrote a series of instructional videos on Golf Science for  7TWO’s weekly program ‘The Bunker’. So, if you don’t want to be a serial slicer, check this out!



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