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As Brian Hughes says in his blog on infographics for Huffington Post “information overload is alive and well and isn’t going away anytime soon.”

With the increased use of emails, social media, and web browsing, we are bombarded with 5 times more information than we were just fifteen years ago. With data, images, and information flying at us from every direction, how do you get your products or services noticed by your target audience?

Well, one of the best tools is infographics, and that’s because they present information in an immediate, visual fashion.

Inforgaphics also include useful information, statistics and data, and they’re easy to share on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and Pinterest.

Infographics are great for content marketing because they are fun and easy to digest, which increases the likelihood they’ll be noticed, and they enable companies to present engaging content to their target audience that directs them to their site and products.

Here’s an infographic I recently created for Australia’s digital learning provider Workstar on the effects of good – and bad – customer service.

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